Banjo Videos
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UPDATED 09-11-19

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Banjo Tunings

Open "G" is: G D G B D

Sawmill is: G D G C D

Double "C" is: G C G C D and Double "D" is: A D A D E

Getting Started

Clawhammer Step 1.
Clawhammer Step 2.
Clawhammer Step 3.
Clawhammer Step 4.
Clawhammer Basic steps all together.

The Tune Videos
These videos are very simple and most are played very slow.
Some even have mistakes. LOL.

Arkansas Traveler Double "C"
Arkansas Traveler Double "D"
This is the key that is most popular.
Arkansas Traveler Open "G"
Blackberry Blossom "G"
Blackest Crow
Double "D"
Bonaparte's Retreat Double "C"
Bright Morning Stars are Rising Double "C"
Britches Full of Stitches key of "A" which is the popular tuning
Britches Full of Stitches Double "D" Tuning.
Buffalo Gals Open "G"
To play in "A" capo 2nd fret and tune 5th string to "A"
Canaan's Land Double D Tuning
Cripple Creek Open "G".
To play in "A" Cap 2nd Fret and tune 5th string to "A".
Cumberland Gap "D"
Eighth of January "D" (This key is most popular)
Eighth of January Open "G"
Farewell Trion Double "C"
Flop Eared Mule Double "C"
Flop Eared Mule Double "D"
Forked Deer "D"
Golden Slippers Double "D"
Grandfather's Clock Open "G"
Holy Manna Open "G"
Also known as "Brethren We Have Met to Worship"
How Firm a Foundation open "G"
I'll Fly Away Open "G"
Jingle Bells Double "D"
Jingle Bells Open "G"
Joy To The World Double "D"
June Apple in Double "D" tuning
Kitchen Girl in Double "D" tuning
Kitchen Girl in key of "A" while tuned to double "D".
Little Liza Jane Open "G"
Midnight On the Water
Double "D"
Mississippi Sawyer Double "D" Tuning
Needle Case Double "D"
Oklahoma Rooster Double "D" tuning, however I believe it's in the key of "G" for the "A" part and "C" for the "B" part.
Old Yeller Dog Goes Trottin Through the Meeting House Double "D"
Over The Waterfall Double "D"
Polly Put The Kettle On Double "D"
Ragtime Annie Double "D"
Red Haired Boy Key of "A" while tuned to Double "D"
Red Hills Polka Double "D"
Rock the Cradle Joe Double "D" tuning.
Run Johnny Run Open "G"
Saint Anne's Reel Double "D"
Shoes and Stockings Open "G"
Shove That Pigs Foot A Little Farther in the Fire
Open "G" Tuning
Silver Spear Double "D"
Snake River Double "D"
Soldier's Joy Double "D"
Spotted Pony Double "C"
Spotted Pony Double "D"
Spotted Pony Open "G"
Squirrel Hunters Double D "Em"
Staten Island Hornpipe Double "C"
Staten Island Hornpipe Double "D"
Step Around Johnny "D"
Temperance Reel "G"
We Wish You A Merry Christmas Double "D"
Whiskey Before Breakfast Double "D"