Suspcious Contra Band
Live at
Sean Cummings

These were a great bunch of folks to play music with and I miss 'em.
I don't make it into Sean Cumming's any more but if you get the chance they draw a good pint and have great food.

1. Cooley’s/Paddy’s Trip to Scotland/Blair Athol
2. Campbell’s Farewell to Red Gap
3. Farewell to Erin
4. Hugamar Hayne/Blarney Pilgrim
5. Home with the Girls in the Morning/Devil in the Strawstack/Speed the Plow
6. Horse Theif/Spotted Pony
7. Julia DeLany/Tam Lin
8. Passing of the Brothers McTavish/Irish Washerwoman/Morrison’s
9. The Mickey Dam/Gallway Belle
10. Mist Covered Mountain/Scatter the Mud
11. Mouth of the Tobique
12. Old Hag You’ve Kilt Me/Hag at the Churn/Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore/My Love is in America.
13. Rosin the Beu
14. Soldiers Lament for Home/Ghost’s of Fort Washita
15. Scarce O’Tatties/Splendid Isolation
Scarce O’Tatties by Norman MacLean, Splendid Isolation by Brenden McGlinchy

Malia Bennett on guitar and vocals
Susan Pierce on flute, penny whistle, bodhran, and Vocals
Wayne Cantwell on fiddle and vocals
Also Special Guest Ian Bittle on Accordion, Irish Tenor Banjo, Bodhran, Penny Whistle, and vocals.